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Monday, November 23, 2009

From There to Here

To quote the Grateful Dead, "What a long, strange trip it's been!"

It seems as if it were eons ago that we loaded the van, taking it up that major highway, only to have the majority of the exhaust system fall off and hang there. So we went with Plan B, stuffing the stuff in storage until we could get to it. The last pieces will come out on Tuesday, the storage unit paperwork completed, and we will be MOVED.

I sent out the invitations to family to come see the place, ALL the family, got all but four to come. Most brought presents, and they didn't have to do that at all! A certain niece and her intended made scones, the BEST scones on the planet, bakery quality scones.

We have been living life as well, while we ransomed our furniture and belongings with petrol and time. Distance learning has become a way of life. So far, we have been to Legoland Discovery Centre, the Lyric Opera, two plays, a bakery (in the back as well as front), Girl Scout activities (yes, we do Girl Scouts), a group movie date, and the Loop.

I caught Belle just the other day, counting the types of Os in her cereal and recording it on paper to obtain the ratio of sizes of Os. We have charts of how to say polite, civil niceties in three different languages. Baby made her own movie of one cat trying to persuade the older cat to play.

We just got the booklets for "Living My Faith" from the National Catholic Committee on Scouting and Camp Fire. It looks like a good program (I wish more people would read the FAQs instead of assuming the USCCB approves of Planned Parenthood or finances it in some way through Girl Scouts, but that's neither here nor there). As nobody is eligible to be confirmed this year, as we are now in the Archdiocese, we are doing our own religion curriculum, and currently attending Mass of the Week at various parishes in the area, to get a feel for ourselves where it would be best to register.

I know our old diocese is attempting to get Catholics to stay within their parish boundaries, but I think that's going to flop. But the parishes of the Archdiocese aren't much better. One parish actually wanted the girls to wait six months until we had been "members" of that parish that long, based on our payment record, before the girls could attend religious education. Another wanted the girls in their parish school, to the tune of non-parishioner rates for this year, three times what we paid for our former parish school. The religious education departments excepting one seem watered-down, but the excellent rel. ed. program has a school that only concentrates on the basics, the very basics (The fact that a school teaches Spelling should not have to be mentioned in a brochure). As we do not foresee a need to use a parish school that will probably be our parish.

We have a new "social action" activity about which we'll share more in coming weeks. Advent is next week! I know where the time went. I just hope it was well-spent.