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Monday, January 17, 2011

"Morally and Ethically"

Some time ago, way back when I started blogging, I mentioned my sister who thought she knew more than anybody else. That same sister in the past week or so has posted through an Internet forum that I am "more than a few fries short of a picnic" and that I have delusions.

I am investigating the possibility of a lawsuit, primarily because everybody knows this is my sister, despite the use of a pseudonym. They therefore know that I am her only elder sister.

She claimed that "morally and ethically" there was nothing she could do about these alleged delusions I have. When I asked the Mister, a genuine philosophy professor, what one could mean by that, he said he didn't know, as my sister used the terms incorrectly.

To ease my own mind, let me state for the record that my sister lives on a farm with her husband, some 15 years her junior. One of her biggest brags is that they do not have water-supported toilets on this farm, but they defecate on some sort of composting device that uses sawdust. She and her husband later deposit the waste in their compost pile, along with dead animals and animal parts they have harvested from a variety of places, including deer road kill. This is what they use as fertilizer on their crops.

One of her biggest brags in the forum in question is that when our nephew visited with our brother, she showed him how to kill a rabbit, decapitate it and skin it. She thought it was hilarious to parade the living rabbits' procreation in front of the then 16 year old boy. She refers to her freezer where she stores the dead rabbits as "freezer camp".

Quite the contrast.

Also, for the record, we did not obtain the children currently in our care without having to subject ourselves to a home visit and psychological evaluation. We were repeatedly praised by various examiners not only for our clean home and solid mental state, but for raising children that were free from a great deal of the mental and physical problems that often are encountered by neglected children.

And yes, we have toilets supplied with plenty of running water.