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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Catchn' Up

We have oh-so-busy around here the past month, that we have done absolutely NOTHING about the blog!!!!

  • We are moving to another county; at least, we think we are moving to another county. This has involved school and parish visits, because I am simply not up to the task of home educating these children. One parish with what I consider the best match to the children's present school, as well as possibly being the finest school in the Collar County area, insisted we HAD to live within the parish boundaries in order to use their tuition payment system, not merely be parishioners who show up and offer stewardship. Well, a house similar to the one in which we currently reside within that parish cost 150% of the current value of our present abode. We kept looking, and found what we think is a good match. Only time will tell. The principal taught and was administrator for my lovely nieces, now grown into well-educated and well-adjusted adults.
  • We have to finish up life here. I have completed many a move via Uncle Sam and PCS orders. I am older now, and I have no intention of rushing things. As most of our furniture is second-hand (but in good shape), I feel no great attachment to it. I am seriously considering having a giant garage sale a couple days before we move, and only moving things that are extremely useful (the refrigerator, as the buyers will be doing a complete tear-down of the interior), things that have sentimental value, and things that took us a long time to find (the beds!). We also have an amazing amount of preschool toys we no longer need, yet the children fervently claim they direly need these things they have not touched for over two years.
  • We have to find a place to live. Admittedly, we have until July 1st, but still, it would be nice to know exactly where we will go.
  • The First Communion parents meeting was last night. All suggestions for order were rejected. So the 27 first communicants will be crammed up front in our small parish church while their parents and other relatives forget they are in God's House and behave much in the manner of a picnic or zoo than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The location of the post-Mass party has been selected and hopefully will be able to be reserved. I have it on the authority of the parish office manager that the time for the First Communion Mass will not change for the fourth time this year.
  • When we adopted the children, we gave up one car to afford it. The time has come to find another car.

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