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Monday, June 1, 2009

Other Ideas, the trash, and shopping for a place.

Greetings, and it's been awhile!

1.) We are seriously considering home education for next year. The "lovely parish" we considered last year is not necessarily so lovely. I volunteered for a parish event early, to see what people were like and also to give the kids an opportunity to meet other people. I was honestly asked by a person in an official capacity if I was familiar with the Rosary. No, I am not kidding. Yes, somebody listed in the bulletin in the little "staff" box said this. I don't think my reply of, "Well, as a cradle Catholic of 50+ years, I hope so, especially since I have prayed at least a decade almost every day of my life" was too dismissive. There is no room in the other Catholic school up there, and if this is the religious education in this parish, we have serious concerns. I hope the matter is cleared up, but in the meantime, I now have the task of checking out home school groups up North.

2.) Live someplace longer than two years, and clutter will be there. We have been in this house 9 years, and had people moving in and out. Yesterday, I dumped some six Rubbermaid buckets of trash. I'm renting a professional dolly tomorrow to get some of the big boxes out of here and into storage, so I can actually think (I need space to think). "Clean House" move over! It's time for Clean Grandma.

3.) We need to be out of here by August, or start paying rent. The Mister is dragging his heels. Nothing suits him except this house, which has already been sold. I asked him if it was OK to simply pick a place, and have him go to work one fine morning, then drive home to the new place. After some hemming and hawing, he's not adverse to it. This might be the way to go.

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