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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So Far- $229 On Curriculum Items

Our current curriculum, with the grading and advice, cost us $2,440.00. Compared to the local Catholic schools, it is about 1/3 of the cost. It has everything, including pencil cases, paints, paper and compasses. Yet, as you have read from previous entries, it is boring, rather repetitive, and doesn't always make sense in light of a distance learning program. It is truly school-in-a-box.

We asked those who are being educated, and they wanted to continue distance learning, just not in the format of the school-in-a-box. This made a great deal of sense, but did it mean a great deal more money?

Taking into consideration all needs and requirements, along with desires, I have been shopping online at various stores, looking at good materials versus average materials. I then located what I could of these materials through second-hand shops, both online and 3-dimensional, as well as the places some people like to hate, eBay, Gipper's List, and Craig's List.

I planned to spend about $3,000.00 next school year, with field trips and all that. As next school year will hopefully start in May, I decided to see what I could find off-season. I seemed to remember it really cost more to buy learning materials when everybody wants them.

So, far I have spent $229.00. Yes, I have spent two hundred-twenty-nine dollars. For our money, I have obtained:
  • Two Loyola Press "Christ Our Life" religion books. Loyola Press has a web site with updates, activities and learning options. The children will also attend regular religious instruction at our parish church, mostly because it is a good program, and because it is more or less required in our diocese in order to be confirmed. The School of Religion uses Faith First, so there is no big duplication. Evangelical Christians would have an easier time on eBay, as there are TONS of materials out there for them, greatly reduced.
  • Prima Latina. This was a big expense, over $79 with shipping. However, the cost of this course with the DVD set is a lot more.
  • Voyages In English and Exercises in English for one child. I am debating which set to get the others. I think I'm going to end up paying full price for Vocabulary in Action, though, can't find it used anywhere.
  • Think AheadGames for Logic. I am waiting to see if I can find the MindBender books cheaply, but so far, not much luck.
  • Kingfisher encyclopedias for History, Geography and Science. The Science one has yet to arrive, so its price is not included in the total spent so far.
  • Saxon's Algebra I. As you can see from the link, it was a steal at $20. We are waiting on final bidding for Math 54, Math 65, and Algebra 1/2.
  • The New Way Things Work and Pinball Science.

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