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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Tale of Two Campers

We went to pick them up from camp. From the comments, we were wondering if they transported one of them to another camp:

BELLE: It was so much fun! I can't want to go back! I got a green cap in swimming, and we camped out in pup tents for two days even though it rained, and the food was AWESOME!!! I met so many new friends, and they signed my ballcap, and I have their emails and phone numbers so we can do things during the year, then plan when we are going back. I want to be a five-year girl. Can we afford for me to go three weeks next year? Last year and this year, I only went one week. I earned a badge, and parts of another.  I just love camp!!!!

BABY: Thank goodness you're finally here! They made us sleep in pup tents for two days, and it rained! The food tasted like leftovers, except for the corn dogs. Yeah, I made friends. We're all going to complain to the Girl Scout council. Don't ever make me go back there! Can we stop on the way for real food? Oh yeah. I got a green cap in swimming and earned a badge.

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