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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blast from the Past- Can you help this mom and her kids?

Hi there! It's been quite awhile since I shuttered the doors on the blog. I really have nothing new to tell you. I'm here for an important reason. But first, grab a cup of tea and catch up.

Belle and Baby are growing into fine human beings. As their chauffer to college classes, because alas they are too young to drive, I have to say they blend right in with the young coeds. The Mister still works. I can feel autumn coming on in a big way this year. We've made new friends, done some new things, lived through a very calm summer, for us; for some extended family, not calm at all, nor pleasant. But we are fine. My weight is down, as is my blood pressure. 

I really have no significant information with which to supply you. There have been no sudden streams of info from DC or state capitals for grandparents and other caring individuals who are raising grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, siblings. I'm not entirely unhappy with that.  The less interference from the Government, the happier I am.

I guess there are some things happening in my Lulubelle's life at this point, but I prefer not to go into those things or their sources. Junior had another child, and from a distance, it looks quite healthy, and is definitely Junior's child.  

The number of incidents of attempted identity theft and bill collectors seeking information has cut down considerably. I don't understand how our address is being reported at a friend's former business in a northwestern state. It could be Sonny. It could be Junior. But, the alarm sounds whenever somebody attempts to play with one of our credit reports. It has been quiet for a few months.

ANYWHO, while I was out reading blogs, which is as close as I come to blogs these days, I came across Simcha Fisher's blog, which led me to Mark Shea's blog, which led me to http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nursing-school--6.
It appears Mark and Simcha asked for some assistance for a mother of 11 kiddos, who wants to go to nursing school so she can support them. Their father refuses to pay child support, and the courts are making no great hurry to force him to do so. 

So, this father apparently let loose on Mark's blog in the comment box, in several online personas. Apparently not only does this man want to deprive his children of his support, but he wants to deprive them of everybody else's support. In the Juniors and Lulubelles of the the universe, he certainly is up there in top twenty-five, in my opinion. If he were my son, he would sssssssssssooooo be out of the will at this point!

This mom is not out there begging for money. She offers some really good perks, better than any PBS tote bag. More importantly, I am sure God will smile down upon you helping her out, whatever denomination or not you claim. And of course, you are going to help her support her kids! Won't that be cool? You grandparents who know what it's like will be helping with something with which we've struggled a time or two. She is trying to do the old up-by-the-bootstraps thing!

Enforced, governmental charity only goes so far. If the government took over the desert, to paraphrase, in five years there would be a sand shortage. Instead, let the kindness come from your own heart.

Here is her blog, if you are interested.  

In the interim, have a great autumn, a fantastic Christmas, and a jolly new year.

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