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Friday, June 3, 2011

Macy's Has a Freebie for You! and Weight Pogress

Struggling to figure out a field trip for the summer that is inexpensive and yet fun, perhaps even educational? Macy's has a freebie for you!

Chicago Museum Adventure Pass is a program sponsored by Macy's and local libraries.  Depending on the museum, your family can get one, two or four free general admission passes to a lot of great museums in the Chicago area. Just go to your participating library and ask! Your librarian will be happy to see what's available, as this works much like library materials, on a first-come, first-served basis. The passes are good for seven days from the date printed. 

Don't live in Chicago? Not to worry if you live in Michigan or Minnesota! Macy's happily supplies passes at those libraries as well.  

Double check with museums before bringing a picnic lunch from home. Some allow you to take the lunch in with you (Get those backpacks from school if they aren't too worn out and have the kids tote them!), but some museums will have you eating lunch someplace else.

At least you won't be sitting at home doing nothing!

Our weight progress is slow but steady. We discovered it would be better recorded with a new scale. The Mister is still on the plan, but opted to start again when we purchased the new scale. He's still lost 7 pounds. I've lost 3, and decided to keep going on the goal I'd already started. 

The plan food is wonderful, basically because the plan food is our food, just cut into manageable hunks. While learning online to control portions might not work for everybody, we've been on diets before this, so we have food measuring devices as well as a general understanding of how to go about it. 

Activity is our main problem, and getting it takes some planning. I've taken the kids for walks in our local forest preserves. Sometimes the Mister comes, sometimes he doesn't. We've also incorporated chore activity into the loss plan. Summer session starts next week at area colleges, so we'll see how much activity the Mister can get on his own.

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