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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Moral Dilemma

Just found out about a day ago that my ex-son-in-law and his present wife have allegedly been caught selling the special needs equipment of two of their children on Internet sales sites to other families of special needs kids, over and over again, getting the money without sending the product. I've heard the evidence, and seen some of it, and it looks very damaging to me. There were some cases of sales where it was not even theirs to sell, but a rental, such as a special wheelchair. This is bad enough, but the folks who have been robbed by these two have little recourse. 

It's one thing to steal from family, especially extended family you don't like. It's another thing to steal from folks who are walking in your shoes or worse. To add insult to injury, nobody is helping these people. The Navy (yes, I will say the branch out loud, in bold type for all to read) claims it is a civil matter, and they can't do anything, although there is proof EXSIL was indeed involved. Civil authorities can't be bothered.  As long as the Dynamic Duo (cough, cough) stays below the radar, keeps their alleged crime below a certain amount, no law enforcement, military for him or civil for her, seems to be inclined to stop them.

I talked with the man who runs a ministry that hooks up special needs families with equipment at reasonable prices, and where the Dynamic Duo (cough, cough) apparently did a lot of damage. I offered what I had in information, about 4 Rubbermaid tubs' worth that I have to sort. I don't know if it will help these folks, and I don't care about EXSIL's privacy at this point. 

I also offered the current addresses of his siblings and mother. The man didn't want to "involve" EXSIL's extended family. It's his choice, but I can't see why. This is not regulated under the Fair Debt Collections Act. This is theft, and it's theft from those who truly need the assistance. Criminals need to be caught, and it's not vigilante to inform family that they have an alleged perp in their midst.

I heard from several people. One was a woman who is trying to adopt special needs children from a foreign country, where they languish. She couldn't see what good the information I was offering would do, but EXSIL and his wifey set back the adoption with their scam, and she opined contacting the media in various parts of the country where these two have done their damage might help. Another wanted ME to go after EXSIL and the Little Woman on her and her husband's behalf. Ain't happenin'.

I don't know, I have no crystal ball and flunked seeing into the future as a high school course. EXSIL and his present wife have four children themselves, two with special needs. He was not a great parent to the children we now call our own. If he's ripping off people online, to use a 60s expression, I don't see how he's changed much over the years. He owes me money, too.

It would be nice to see his rear-end in a jail cell, though. So, I'll make PDFs of what I have over the next couple of weeks and see if it helps anybody get justice in the matter.

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