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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The right thing to do...?

OK, grandparents, want a new one: Foster care is preferable to grandparent or extended family care.

I thought you'd think it was whacked. Yet, this is what I was told by someone of my acquaintance, that my now children would have been better off in foster care.


1.) I am old. I am not elderly, not even qualifying for social security yet, and won't for a good ten years or more.
2.) If my adult daughter really wanted them back, she would have cooperated better with foster care and Department of Children and Family Services than the Mister and me. So, in order to placate my Lulabelle, or even to stir her to action, I should have let the grandkids go off to a system that is at best marginal care for them? 

No, we did the right thing. Mind your own business. 

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