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Monday, May 14, 2012

Update on Naomi

The grandkids are fine, Naomi is fine, and she is now plenary guardian of both the children's guardian of the person and the estate. Her state is going after Lulabelle for child support, and is supplying Naomi with TANF in the interim. There is also a plan in place if Lulabelle should decide to return. It is exact yet fair. If Lulabelle doesn't come forth and complete the plan in one year, Naomi can adopt the children, should she choose to do so; however, Lulabelle will need a new plan.

That isn't a stretch of the imagination, as Lulabelle has not returned, and has no intention of returning to her children.  She did not come back for court. She has since changed phone numbers again.

Grandpa and his wife did see the children briefly at Easter. They are busy planning a trip and won't see the grandkids until after Memorial Day, if they have time. Naomi's son will be helping her with the kids this summer. He is looking toward finishing college somewhere closer to home.

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