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Monday, February 27, 2012

Update on Naomi's Lulabelle

Naomi has temporary custody and is the children's guardian. There will be a hearing next month for plenary guardianship. 

Lulabelle is quite alive. She apparently can't "handle things" so she is in another state, about halfway across the country from where Naomi resides. Per her attorney's instructions, Naomi said very little, just that the children were well and Naomi was taking care of them. Lulabelle didn't provide an address, and called Naomio's landline from a pay phone. Naomi took the number off Caller ID so she could get an idea where Lulabelle was, which was suggested by her son. (Yes, they still have pay phones. There are 3 in my neighborhood alone!)

Of course, Lulabelle "had" to leave, and of course, if she had said she was going, Naomi would have stopped her. Lulabelle didn't have time to talk to the kids, which was a blessing for Naomi.

Naomi's son will return to classes tomorrow.  He and Naomi found the kids' birth certificates on a shelf in Lulabelle's old apartment, and their social security numbers on some paperwork as well. Naomi was shocked to find out that the father listed on the eldest child's birth certificate is a classmate of Lulabelle's from high school. This opens a whole new can of worms, as up until now, Lulabelle told everybody it was the guy in prison. It will be a relief if it isn't the prison person, as he's in jail for assault with intent to kill. Naomi's attorney told her that the law firm would simply contact the fathers listed on the certificates and see if they could persuade them to take DNA tests before having the court order them to take such tests.

No word from Naomi's Ex and his wife.

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